Yard Maintenance Clause in Rental Agreement

As a renter, it`s important to understand all the clauses included in your rental agreement. One clause that often goes overlooked is the yard maintenance clause. This clause outlines the responsibilities of the tenant and landlord in maintaining the yard and outdoor spaces of the rental property.

As a tenant, you may be responsible for maintaining the lawn and garden, including mowing the lawn, weeding the garden beds, and trimming bushes and trees. It`s important to understand the frequency of these tasks and ensure that you are fulfilling them to avoid any penalties.

Additionally, the clause may outline specific guidelines for the use of outdoor spaces, such as restrictions on grilling or storing items outdoors. Make sure to review these guidelines and adhere to them to avoid any potential conflicts with your landlord.

On the other hand, the landlord may be responsible for larger outdoor maintenance tasks such as pruning trees or repairing the irrigation system. It`s important to communicate any outdoor maintenance concerns or issues with your landlord in a timely manner to ensure that the property remains in good condition.

Failure to adhere to the yard maintenance clause in the rental agreement can result in penalties or even eviction. It`s important to thoroughly review and understand all clauses in your rental agreement to ensure a positive renting experience.

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